Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Still Cookin'!

Please excuse my inexcusable absence. What can I say? Life got busy. The baby has just started walking and getting some mean old nasty front teeth. Anyway...

Marrakech Vegetable Curry

Wednesday is when our delivery from Door to Door Organics arrives, so Tuesday is always my "use up all the produce!" day. So I had 2 green bell peppers that were driving me crazy, because the only thing I could think to use them in was chili, but I was decidedly NOT in the mood for it! So I visited trusty and used their ingredient search (love that thing) for green bell pepper, spinach and carrots. Voila! Marrakech Vegetable Curry magically appeared. And even though we didn't have any eggplant or zucchini, I decided to wing it and make it anyway (besides, I don't like eggplant unless it's breaded and fried!). And I didn't use a dutch oven. I'm not even terribly sure what a dutch oven is, but a BIG saucepan sufficed.

Let me just say that when my husband arrived home from work, he opened the door and said, "Oh my god, what is that delicious thing you are cooking that I can smell all the way outside?" The spices (curry, tumeric, cinnamon and cayenne) smell intoxicating while they're cooking.

Yes, it is fabulous. And don't skip the raisins or the nuts - they are important punctuations in the dish. Feel free to substitute other dried fruit or nuts, though - I'm sure chopped dried apricots and cashews would be delicious!

We served this over white jasmine rice. It would also be great over couscous. Or really any grain. I don't think anything could mess this up. It made a ton, so we have several helpings of leftovers. I'm planning on getting some of my favorite hand-made whole wheat tortillas from Trader Joe's and making wraps out of some of the leftovers for handy lunches. Mmmm....

Make it! You won't be disappointed.