Friday, September 12, 2008

I'm Famous!

photo by heisler, via flickr

Ha ha, just kidding. But I was interviewed recently for local radio when I took a (free!) canning class in town. It was a great class! Took the fear and uncertainty out of the process for me.

Check out my freaking awesome 10 seconds right here. Oh, and I'm Chessa Hickox, in case you were wondering. ;)

I swear to dog I have like 5 gabillion food photos and meals to post. It's just been so _____ around here lately. I promise to be back soon with mucho fabulous food posts.


carrie said...

Hey Chessa - I'm glad you're back, been wondering what happened to ya!! I can with my step-mother a lot. It always feel so rewarding to have all of those beautiful jars of veggies preserved for the winter.

Anonymous said...

That's really cool!

I've never canned anything, but it sounds like a great idea and a good time!

Jen said...

Go mama! My friend and I are attempting to do some canning. Please post any helpful hints you come across!

Mihl said...

That's awesome!

Chessa said...

Carrie - I'm so jealous that you have a knowledgable canning partner! That's so cool, though!

Jenny - I haven't actually canned anything yet either! Soon, soon.

Jen - That's great that you have a pal that will go through the experience of canning with you. I think this might be a key component to success. :)

Mihl - thanks!