Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Mini Meatloaves, Wicked Good

So tonight we had Vegan Dad's Best Ever Vegan Mini-Meatloaf. It's pretty much the best ever, it's no lie. I don't know why this time, though, the bottoms of the loaves were burnt to a crisp! Luckily the burny part peeled off pretty easily, but strange. I think my oven racks are all whacked out and that the rack was too close to the heating element. That's what I'm going with anyway.

We also had some delicious Smoky Kale & Chard (Vcon Collard recipe; both were local!) and some fabulous mashed taters that We! Picked! At! The! Farm! this past weekend. So fun!

I just realized that all the major parts of this meal were local - even the tempeh is a NW product. Yay!

I also just want to give myself a green pat on the back for two things.

1. Silas and I rode the bus to Pike Place Market today. I love the bus! Every time we ride it, I'm put in a good mood. It's so mellow to be able to just sit back and relax, look out the window and be right next to Silas instead of feeling so far away in the car. Yay public transportation! And we purchased local produce at the market to boot (kale, blueberries). We saw fun musicians and danced. A great outing.

2. I remembered to bring containers to the store today for bulk!!!! Yay! I've been meaning to do this and kept forgetting. But today I brought plastic and glass containers for my bulk dishwasher detergent, oatmeal and peanut butter. Super stoked to remember.


jessy said...

hooray for delicious mini-meatloaf! and that's so cool you got to pick your yummies from the farm! :) i'm jealous!

i imagine public trasportation is pretty relaxing. never really thought about that before - that's awesome! and hooray for remembering your containers for the bulk goodies. that rocks so hard! :D

Anonymous said...

So glad you take Silas on the bus! It is one thing I'm really looking forward to doing with June when she gets a bit older and less squirmy. She adores looking at buses now (they're practically her favorite thing!)...I wonder if she will or won't like riding them, though!

I just read your uber post and am so impressed with all your delicious food! Great job!

Chessa said...

jessy - mini-meatloaf rocks! I highly recommend the recipe, yum. And public transport is pretty sweet, at least having the option anyway. Going from Portland to Detroit was a shock (great to none) - so coming back to the PNW with some public transport is a great thing. :)

jenny - I bet June will love it! Silas is a SUPER active kid but I almost never have an issue with him on the bus. You just have to look for good kid seats - ones that are hard to get to the "i want the next stop" string/buttons!

Anonymous said...

Yum! I need to try those meatloaves.

I love public transportation, in fact I don't have a car and do everything by bus/train/tram or bike.

Chessa said...

seitanismymotor - so envious of your carfree lifestyle! I wish I was there. Someday, just not quite yet. I'm such an uber wuss about the hilliness of Seattle, especially with a toddler in tow. I need to get tough, I'm just not there yet.

Try the meatloaves! They are so hearty and tasty. :)