Sunday, May 31, 2009

Garden Update 5/31/09

Today was a pretty productive day in the OR garden - we got Jubilee corn planted (a little late perhaps, but we've got our fingers collectively crossed), bush beans, cucumbers and summer squash. We also mulched all the paths with cut grass to try to keep weeds down, and we mulched the strawberry plants and peas with it, too. (Read about it in Mother Earth News).

Pictorial updates:
Jubilee corn, 4 seeds per hill

4 hills of cucumbers (far), 4 hills of summer squash

Green bush beans; 1/3rd of row planted. Planting next third in 2 weeks, and the final third the following 2 weeks.

What is eating our Pac Choi? Any ideas on how to handle it appreciated.

Peas! We mulched them today and thinned them a bit (and ate the thinned plants in our salad!)

Turnips! I can't believe these guys are already germinated. They share a row with carrots, although we've got no carrots sprouting yet. :(

One of my dad's 3 peach trees! See the cute tiny furry peaches?


Anonymous said...

Your peaches look great! Sorry about the pak choy, I have no idea what that could be.

allularpunk said...

your garden is looking wonderful!

Tammy James said...

Hmmm... don't know what is eating your Pak Choy but I hear slaters( Roly polys ) are nasty on new growth and I had a terrible problem with earwigs coming out at night and eating the new growth on my potato's this year.

Anonymous said...

Impressive garden! Mine sorta fizzling this year. A June full of rain and hardly any sun and my plants aren't happy about it. That and the lack of time for weeding....

Next year its a brand new square foot garden and backyard chickens!