Monday, October 23, 2006

Weekend Catch-up!

It's really hard to find time everyday to post, with a baby and with Blogger being so g*dd*mn freaking slow to load! Sheesh!

We had a mostly vegan weekend. Still using up some of our dairy products (out of milk and I think we have 1.5 sticks of real butter left. Quite a bit of cheese still around, though.)

I can't really remember my whole menus for Thursday or Friday, but I do know that on Friday I made Couscous Porridge for breakfast, out of In the Garden of Vegan. It was couscous, soymilk, dried apricots, cashews and dried coconut. And a titch of maple syrup. YUM!

Saturday, 10/21/06
8 oz Odwalla Protein Shake
1 Bagel with hummus, roasted red peppers, lettuce, tomato
8 oz Decaf with sugar

Leftover Thai Red Curry with Tofu, peppers, onions, spinach, fresh peas over brown rice (YUM)

Gardenburger Chick'n Patty
Steamed broccoli with butter and garlic
Freshly made Roasted Applesauce (Vegan with a Vengeance) - YUM

Freshly made Apple-Raspberry Crisp (vegan!) with Vanilla Purely Decadent Soy Delicious

Sunday, 10/22/06
3/4 C Homemade Granola (Mothering magazine recipe - contains butter)
3/4 C Vanilla Soymilk
1/2 C fresh Raspberries

Trader Joe's Frozen Pizza (1 of 2 left - non-vegan)
Apple Raspberry Crisp

1/2 Roasted Acorn Squash with Maple Syrup and Dried Cherries
1 C Quinoa (cooked in Veggie Broth, with butter)
4 oz Glazed Tempeh
2 raw Carrots

6 oz decaf with raw sugar
1.5 peanut butter oatmeal cookies
8 oz soymilk

Overall it was pretty successful. We also bought Becoming Vegan by Davis and Melina, so I'm schooling myself on vegan nutrition, yay! And we bought La Dolce Vegan by Sarah Kramer, and I can't wait to break into some of those recipes.

We've decided to give seitan another shot - I don't think I've had it in like 10 years, so it must have improved, right?

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