Friday, October 17, 2008

Cabbage Isn't Scary At All, VeganMoFo

So I'd had this head of napa cabbage in my fridge for nigh on three weeks. It taunted me with the nyah-nyah-nyah-nyah-nyah song "You don't know what to DO with me! You don't know what to DO with me!" Everytime I opened the fridge.

Well, yesterday, I decided I was sick of that goddamn thing and that it was time to set it's silly punk ass straight.

I cored that motherfucker (it sounds violent, and believe me, it was). I chopped it up. I threw it into the sizzling enameled cast iron pan with the two sauteed yellow onions, olive oil, and salt and pepper. Because when in doubt with a vegetable, I repeat these three rules:1) onions, 2) olive oil and 3) salt and pepper (which seriously count as one ingredient/rule). These three things will enable you to eat any other vegetable, I'm convinced.

I covered that shit up for half an hour and it mellowed into this delicious, tame, tender vegetable, without any hint of attitude or bitchiness.

And it was good!

To round out the punkass cabbage we had some smoked apple-sage field roast sausages, which are arguably the best sausages on the planet, and possibly the solar system. Oh, and roasted acorn squash. Because it's freaking autumn, duh.

And in my CSA box last night? Another goddamn head of cabbage, only this time it's red. And it's got some serious attitude already. But I'm not afraid anymore. No, no. I know just what to do with it.


For the Love of Guava said...

I concur that if you show your cabbage who's boss it can be extremely delicious... if I'm not up for colesaw I usually mix it in with some mashed potatoes for some colcannon...yum!

Jen said...

This Ethiopian cabbage recipe is my favorite way to use up this veggie:

BTW, are you channeling Isa in this post? :)

jessy said...

huzzah, Chessa! a job well done on the cabbage, indeed! glad you loved it - and what a great way to enjoy it - sauteed cabbage = mmmmmmmmmmm! that's too funny that you got a red one from your CSA this time! ahhahhahaa! had they given you a red & a green i would say make some coleslaw, but i'm excited to see what you do with your red cabbage of yumminess! wahoooooooooo!

allularpunk said...

ha! i have a head of cabbage in my fridge that's been there a couple weeks, and i might just have to do this to it. onions (and garlic) make everything edible, i agree.

vegannifer said...

I'm so afraid of cabbage that I gave my last CSA one away! My mom made it into soup.

I have one more week of CSA and, if I get a cabbage, I'm taking your cabbage-y advice.