Friday, October 24, 2008

Field Trip and Food Catch-Up

My energy level and amount of patience has been significantly reduced this week. Not sure what that's about, but we're driving down to the Portland suburbs tonight to hang with my P's so I'm super stoked about that. Have I mentioned that Silas is obsessed with my mom? She's like a rock star in his eyes, or a messiah. It is truly amusing. When they're hanging out he doesn't want to have anything to do with me or Chad. It's all "bye-bye, mama." As in, you've just been dismissed. I love it. I just hope he doesn't wear my mom out too badly.

photo by wheelo50411

So I forgot to mention our wicked fun field trip that we took last Sunday: Pike Place Market. I don't think that I'll ever feel bored with that place, it is truly magical. One of my favorite spots in there is MarketSpice, this spice and tea shop. It is seriously like you've turned me loose in a candy store, I just go crazy! They sell all their spices in bulk, which if you haven't been clued in yet, is THE most economical thing you can buy in bulk, I swear it's crazy cheap (anywhere, not just at MarketSpice). I just love the variety, I could spend all day there! They don't just have "curry powder" - oh no. They have Madras Curry Powder and other variations. They don't just have chili powder - they have Ancho Chile Powder and Chipotle Chile Powder and probably 5 other kinds. And salt - SALT! I got my hands on some locally produced Salish Smoked Salt! It's black! It's smoky! Am I in heaven? No, I'm in MarketSpice. They also have a ton of coffee and tea varieties and I'll be honest with you - I haven't ever made it that far. I always get waylaid by the spices. Some day I'll wade in and try some fabulous teas and coffees, I'm sure. Right after I'm done humping the spice counter. Oh, did I say that out loud? Oops.

So what did I come home with? I'll tell you:
1 oz Sage
1 oz Thyme
1 oz Peppermint (for tea, duh!)
1 oz Madras Curry Powder
1 oz Granulated Onion
1 oz Salish Smoked Sea Salt
1 oz Smoked Paprika
1 oz Sweet Paprika

And I think that's it. I was like $10 for the whole lot. Yay!

Food Catch-Up
Some less than stellar looking meals we've had this week:

Indian Spiced Potatoes and Cauliflower with Garlic Toast

Red Curry Dal: Nice F-ing picture, right? Seriously. But it tasted good.

The potato and cauliflower recipe was from The Vegetarian Meat and Potatoes Cookbook by Robin Robertson and the dal recipe was out of The Modern Vegetarian Kitchen by Peter Berley. Both good, solid recipes. Neither changed my life.

Mexican Fiesta Burritoes

The burritoes were a last minute dinner last night: enchilada tofu recipe out of Tofu Cookery, using previously frozen and thawed tofu. That was sauteed with 1 bulb of fennel, chopped and about 4 chanterelle mushrooms, sliced from our mushroom CSA. Topped with VegNews vegan mac and cheese sauce (or as I like to think of it, salty mashed potatoes of love) and then some avocado. Which we all know, makes EVERYTHING even better.

I'll be blogging out of Portland all next week. My mom has made my dad (the ultimate in manly omnivores) a VEGAN german chocolate birthday cake!!!! Bwahahahahahaha! My total world domination plan is in effect!


Bethany said...

you're killing me w/ the burrito pic. I LOVE mexican food and now I want some... Avacado is so good.

Portland! you are so lucky. I'm sure the eating will be fabulous. It's so cool that your son loves his grandma so much.

I haven't been to pike place in so long. Market Spice teas are so yummy - especially the spicy cinnamon flavored one.

jessy said...

have fun at your parent's place! and yes, indeed - bulk spices are the way to go (smoked salt sounds awesome!). i had no idea until a few months ago when i thought i'd give 'em a whirl! the amount of money you save is ridiculously glorious! wahoooo!

that's too cute about Silas being so amazed by your mom - that rocks! :) your mom is making a vegan german chocolate cake?! hot damn! i want a slice! mmmmmmmmmm! hooray for vegan deliciousness!

oh, and the dahl looks gooood to me! and those burritos = excellent, indeed! hooray!

vegannifer said...

That spice store sounds incredible! I've never been to Seattle, but I will definitely go to Pike Place market if I ever do!

cornfieldsandcookies said...

I love Pike's Place! And the Spice Market is really a lovely place. I was in Seattle for a week last year and stayed at the Green Tortoise hostel. I would go to the market every morning for breakfast and I swear I found new stuff every time. I am so lucky to work in a spice store now, but its not as much fun as the Spice Market would be. I'm glad you had so much fun there.