Friday, October 03, 2008


Rustic White Beans and Mushrooms
from Veganomicon

Was wicked. We picked up a TON of 1 lb bags of local beans when we went on Farm Tour 2.0 last weekend and I thought it was a great time to break out the white beans for some beans and mushrooms and Vcon. And since there was no hot sauce called for in the dish, I felt it would be a relatively humiliation-free dish. Yay!

We used up our whole share of CSA Mushrooms for the week on the dish, and it was a worthy use indeed. We really loved the huge hunks of veggies throughout the dish, carrot in particular. I think next time I would double or even triple the amount of carrots, just we are really big cooked carrot dorks. So soft and orange and delicious! This made a TON of food, which is nice for lunches and whatnot. I think I may reheat the leftovers with the sage breadcrumbs from the pumpkin ziti recipe for lunch tomorrow.

We had these beans over very last minute "Oh crap what should we eat with these beans?" couscous cooked in veggie broth. Oh and some lemony broiled green beans, because seriously, we like to load up on all types of beans possible. And salad with sesame dressing from Vcon, which was also really good and easy to make.

Apple Caramel Peanut Butter Bars
From Veganomicon (name of dessert approximate, I am beyond lazy)

Ok I realize this looks like your dog had a potty emergency all over something in a 9x13 pan. I'm not sure why my peanut butter caramel came out so gloppy (and I even added more maple syrup to make it more liquid) but it sure tastes good anyway!

Here's the profile view, kind of weird, I know. Layers of graham cracker crust, apples, crumb topping and peanut butter caramel! YUMMMMM!

Check back tomorrow for a review of a vegan cooking class that I just took on Southern Vegan Comfort Foods! Woo-hoo!


allularpunk said...

ha, humiliation free dinner, yay! i super love beans, and i almost never really eat them... now i must start afresh with this dish. i have so many things to make from veganomicon, and your photos make them look so appetizing!

Anonymous said...

The Rustic Beans are really good! I love them baked!

jessy said...

layers of deliciousness! mmmmmmmmmmmm! and your green beans look rock'n! we're gonna have to have some green beans tonight now! yay! i'm a cooked carrot dork, too! i love 'em roasted with a little bit of olive oil, garlic & fresh thyme! i super ♥ the rustic bean dish - dayum, it looks awesome! comforting and yummy! hooray!

Chessa said...

allularpunk - yay! the rustic beans were sooo good and easy. Do it!

theveganfoodie - baking sounds like an intriguing way to go, I'm going to have to try that!

jessy - mmm, roasted carrots sound soooo good, and we have so many carrots round here right now - I think they might be featured on a menu soon!

Anonymous said...

You sure are getting good use of your Veganomicon these days! You are picking out some fantastic recipes and they are all looking fabulous!